We are not a private practice or a company of any sort. This is a site and blog that serves as a directory and educational resource for those who are seeking an MPE competent therapist or information on the topic of misattributed parentage experiences (MPEs) and mental health. All contributors (writers and referrals) of the collective, communicate with potential clients through their own means and see clients through either their own company, practice, or institution that they work for, respectively. People merely have the ability to look for someone who counsels in their state and then they seek the referral source out on their own terms. This site bridges the gap to help people with MPEs find counselors who specialize in this particular area. MPE Counseling Collective does not accept payment. NPE Counseling Collective hosts a directory to help the MPE community when they seek out therapy.

Anyone contacting a therapist does so understanding that mpecounseling.org does not conduct background checks or check to see if there are prior conduct records concerning the therapist, through the therapist’s state board. It is your duty to ask for a therapist’s credentials and check their licensure status upon entering into a therapeutic relationship with said therapist. Check out our “dozen ways to find a competent therapist with MPEs.” 

This site serves to help educate and be an ally for people with an MPE.

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